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The Motorcycle

The Motorcycle

Information regarding the specifications and prices of motorcycles

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  • Kawasaki Ninja H2 First Look Review

    05 October 2016 ( #Kawasaki )

    Kawasaki already announcing for new flagship of the released of Ninja H2R also Ninja H2 models that will returning by year of 2016, in where those both bikes supposed to be available over Mirror Coated Spark Black finish also over on the road going of...

  • BMW R 1200 RS Specs and Review

    04 October 2016 ( #BMW )

    The boxer in the BMW R 1200 RS has been marginally retuned to give you 74 foot-pounds of torque over a wide swath of the rpm range, which interprets into thick low-end and mid-extent power. Whenever you like to spin your energy out of the top end of an...

  • Suzuki Burgman 200 Specs and Pricing

    05 October 2016 ( #Suzuki )

    With a lot of roll-on even at roadway speeds, good efficiency and a suspension that is more motorcycle than a scooter, the Suzuki Burgman 200 takes daily drives in step. The low focus of gravity gives it responsive handling, provide you a shockingly powerful...

  • Honda CBR 250R Mileage and Specs

    30 September 2016 ( #Honda )

    For Honda CBR 250R, offering perfect balance for its beginner features also for the typical of Honda refinement will be more experienced in where buyers will be more appreciate. The light weight, the superb handling, broad powerband also unmatched build...

  • Yamaha R25 First Ride Overview

    01 October 2016 ( #Yamaha )

    Officially Yamaha unveils the R25 in Indonesia. Yamaha R25 comes with a powerful 36ps power agitating engine. Yamaha R25 expected has a price tag of $4626.46 in Indonesia. That too, the Yamaha-R25 carries lightweight body and outline DNA from Yamaha's...

  • Honda CB500F Review and Price

    02 October 2016 ( #Honda )

    Honda CB500F altogether with those other 500 brother, filling up the gap over Honda line up in putting out the models into such fast growing over middle weight market, by balancing the simple city commuting ergonomics also modest touring features, the...

  • Suzuki Hayabusa Review and Price

    04 October 2016

    For entirely look that will bring Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R fit to on set of futuristic movie, for its features based due contemporary also wind-tunnel-tested engineering. For front fairing also windshield will steering air over, plus around that properly...

  • The Perfection of Triumph Street Triple R ABS

    04 October 2016

    Weight of Triumph Street Triple R ABS has been diminished by 13 pounds and shifted forward so that 52 percent is currently on the front wheel. The Street Triple R and Rx Special Edition have more honed geometry, with 0.7 degree more extreme rake edge...

  • Yamaha R3 Ride Review : Buyer's Guide

    01 October 2016

    Considering for the big difference in between of the 249cc Yamaha R25 also Yamaha R3, encountered to be for its latter model of powerplant which were given in such massive 8mm bore increase, in where for bore also stroke measuring about 68.0 x 44.1mm...

  • Honda CBR650F Features and Engines

    02 October 2016

    The Honda CBR650F using all recent 649 cc inline-four that will be form of base for new line of the motorcycle, also currently presenting for the naked of CBR650F , and since Honda already done with its 300 cc plus 500 cc lines. Honda claimed for this...

  • Honda CB1000R First Look and Price

    02 October 2016

    You already noticed that for some bikes quickly identifying themselves to be as ride that ready for pounce even when the standing still, and Honda CB1000R likely to be one of them. And this one properly definite looker by every sense of phrase. The Honda...

  • Kawasaki Ninja 300 Review and Price

    03 October 2016 ( #Kawasaki )

    Apparently for Kawasaki Ninja 300, already relocated basically into its segment by its own. Over its launch in Times Square, New York, no matter we were about admiring, we also wondering why Ninja 300 lost R badge, in question, did Ninja 300 deliver in...

  • Kawasaki Z800 Specs and Pricing

    04 October 2016 ( #Kawasaki )

    Kawasaki engineers modified the Z750's steel backbone outline with two bolt on aluminum subframe segments running over the engine that permit the Kawasaki Z800's front engine mounts to be situated behind the cylinders. In conjunction with a mix of inflexible...

  • The Yamaha TMAX Review and Specs

    02 October 2016

    The Yamaha TMAX already re-emerged over American market by its re-styled front and end also the improved handling, and probably being considered as new generation from maxi-scooter field. Yamaha TMAX Design The storage over TMAX would be surprisingly...

  • Honda CBR300R First Ride Review

    03 October 2016

    By the shocking presentation of new Honda CBR300R over corner, I wll bring you go deeper over this new machine, in where the CBR that we already knew with, adopting the design hint from Honda VFR, also we already maintain properly right from day one,...

  • Honda CB1000R First Look and Price

    04 October 2016

    Honda CB1100 propelled by such 1140cc air also oil-cooled inline of 4-cylinder engine, in where twisting throttle would not be snappy or such violent, such as many others. For the power delivery equal to Rolls Royce, in smooth also sophisticate but in...